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Hi Year 7 Students

Welcome to Blackburn High School for 2015
This site is a place where you can find out what you are doing in English, what assignments you have to complete and lots of information that might help you to improve your English. We all hope you enjoy your first year of Enlgish at Blackburn High School.

This web page is a guide to the Year 7 course. Each teacher and each class will do things slightly differently. Students should make sure they follow their teacher's instructions for their class rather than follow the wiki.

Hi Year 7 Parents

This website will give you a rough idea of what we are doing in class. We won't cover all of the work on the website as I will often put supporting material and extra information or websites on to the wiki.

The wiki is arranged in cycles and semesters - one cycle is three weeks of the time table - white, yellow and green weeks. There are about 6- 7 cycles each semester.
If your son or daughter has lost or forgotten their English work they should be able to find the assignments and instructions on this wiki. Thanks for taking the time to see what we are doing!

English Club

Students will have English Basics and Reading work to complete each week. If they fall behind with this work or with their class work they will need to attend English Club after school until they catch up with the set work. Students should do about 15 to 20 minutes of English homework each night. It is important that parents support their student to establish good homework routines.


What does it mean to SLANT?
Slanting can be a great way to engage with the class and maximise your learning, so what does it mean?
Sit up -when you are sitting up you are concentrating on what is happening in class.
Listen and learn - when you are listening you are learning as the first step to learning is concentrating on what is being said.
Ask and answer questions - by engaging with questions you can check your understanding and let the teacher know how well you are understanding what is being said or done in class.
Nod in response to the teacher - Nodding shows you are listening and understanding. Nodding does not interrupt the class but helps you concentrate on what is being said.
Track the teacher around the class - It is your job to keep up with what is happening in class. Keep your eye on the teacher and don't get distracted.

Reasons for Learning


Research has shown that it is important for students to know why they should learn something. When will they use it and how will it help them.
We will attempt to explain this to students as we work our way through the course.


The Year 7 class curriculum is built around the learning criteria for the Australian Curriculum level 7. For detailed information about the criteria for English please refer to the ACARA site


For a general statement of the AusVELS levels we are working towards follow the link


Work Tasks

Parents should know that the school used COMPASS to record student progress. Students will be expected to complete an assessment task every 6 weeks (once every 2 cycles). The wiki is a guide only of the English Course. Please do not submit work to the wiki :)

For information on submission dates and tasks follow the link.

Year 7 Curriculum Schedule

This web site is always under construction and we would love to hear what you would like added or how we can make it better.


Students will need:
English Basics
Paper Trails - Short Stories

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