Class Dojo

Class Dojo
This year in class we will be using Class Dojo.
1. Class Dojo is called a class management system because it helps the teacher and the students keep track of what is happening in the classroom. I have decided to give this a go for a few reasons. Look below and see if you agree with the reasons I am using this with you:
2. Class Dojo will help me see who I give both positive and negative attention to.
3. Class Dojo will help me to give everyone more of an equal amount of attention in the class so I will know that I am helping everyone.
4. Class Dojo will help me keep a record of who is doing both positive and negative behaviours in the class and then I can make sure I reward people for being constructive class members or talk to people about what they could do differently in class to get the most out of English class.
5. Class Dojo will help the class manage the teacher … everyone will have a chance to be a class monitor and make sure I manage the class as I have promised to do.
6. Class Dojo will help us to keep a record of all of the good things that happen in our class so I can reward the class for good behaviour, participation, being responsible, working hard and working together as a team.
7. Class Dojo looks like a lot of fun and I really like the monsters!!!
The classroom should be a fun place where everyone feels safe to be themselves and where everyone should respect the rights of others to learn. It is all of our responsibility to ensure that we remember to respect each other and this means that it is better to be responsible than obedient.

ClassDojo is a program that some teachers may choose to use in class especially in Term 1. Students will be rewarded for good participation, good listening and for establishing good class and work habits. The focus of this program is to ensure the class teachers is involving all students and giving everyone an opportunity to have their say in class. Students will be awarded points for positive behaviour and the class will be rewarded when they have accumulated a certain number of points.
Class points

The points are worked out per/person for a class of 24 or 25, rewards are given when the class total adds up to the equivalent of a specified number of points per person.

Per person Class of 24 Class of 25 Reward
10 240 250 prize
25 600 625 donut
50 1200 1250 computer games
75 1800 1875 outside games
100 2400 2500 certificate and letter to parents
125 3000 3125 movie
150 3600 3750 class picnic
175 4200 4375 class games and animation
200 4800 5000 class party
200+ reward is negotiated with the class and teacher

Points will be awarded for the following;
A class where no one is warned about behaviour
(1 point for everyone)
A class who comes into the room without talking and sits still without talking while the role is read out
When 80% of the class hands in work on time or has completed their homework (20 people)
1 point each time a student responds positively to negative behaviour (but don't disrupt the class to let the teacher know)
1 point each time a student encourages others to be responsible
When a student gives the teacher a useful idea about how the class could be improved
When the teacher believes a student should be awarded a point for participation / effort/ responsible behaviour/ creativity or thoughtfulness.
*When someone who has been struggling makes a special effort to work hard
(this will be discussed with the teacher and the student privately)

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