Class Guardian

Class Guardian
A well-functioning class, where all students are working hard as a team, is a very special experience. Sometimes classes don’t run as well as they could when students don’t take responsibility for making their class a good learning environment for everyone. In this class everyone will be encouraged to be responsible for making this a safe and comfortable learning environment for everyone. All students in the class will have an opportunity to be the class guardian. The class guardian is like an umpire. It is the job of the class guardian to
 make sure that the teacher is conducting the class in a fair and reasonable manner
 make sure that the teacher is following the 5 steps outlined in the behaviour contract
 keep score of positive and negative interactions between the teacher and student
 record the class points required for the class rewards on class dojo
 check all students have the correct equipment
 collect and distribute work and
 let the teacher know if what they are explaining is unclear for any reason
 let the teacher know if they could have taught the lesson better and what they could do to improve
The guardian will change each lesson and the person who was previously the guardian will assist the next person until all students have had a turn and then students will guard single handily.
The guardian must come to class on time, use the i-pad to record the points and catch up on any class work they were unable to complete due to their responsibilities. Each guardian must fill out a comment sheet.

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