Below is a correction code that will help you understand the corrections your teacher is making on your work.

This correction code is taken from 'The Practice of English Language Teaching' by Jeremy Harmer - 4th Edition Pearson and Longman 2010 p.149

Symbol Meaning Example error
S A spelling error The anwer is obvious.
WO A mistake in word order I like very much it.
G A grammar mistake I am going to buy some furnitures.
T The wrong verb tense I have seen him yesterday.
C Concord mistake (e.g. the subject and verb agreement) People is angry.
^ Something has been left out. He told ^ that he was sorry.
WW Wrong word I am interested on Jazz music.
{ } Something is not necessary. He was not {too}strong enough.
?M The meaning is unclear. The train is slow time.
P Punctuation mistake Do you like London.
F/I Too formal or informal Hi Mr Franklin, Thanks for your letter …
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