Cycle 14

Hi Year 7s - I have put your work for today on the English wiki - a little tricky I know!! I have to take my son for a test at the children's hospital so I can't be there today - nothing serious but I do want you to work hard while I am away.

Today you can choose your adventure. You should be able to complete two of these activities in the lesson.

If you still need to finish your Prezi or Power Point then get on with it.

If you have finished you can choose one of three activities;

1. Ancient Egypt Quiz – if you get all of the questions right you get a little prize.

2. Use the knowledge you have about Ancient Egypt to write a short story about life in Egypt. Make sure you write an introduction body and conclusion. Use historical facts in your story.

3. Use your historical knowledge to draw a picture, map or diagram. Choose one of the following ideas.

a) Draw a map of a pyramid. Include secret tunnels and hidden rooms to stop robbers.

b) Draw some Egyptians wearing clothes and make-up. Include the tools that they would use to comb their hair or the types of shoes they would wear. Include things like jewellery such as arm bands or hair pins. Show how this would change for richer or poorer Egyptians.

c) Make your own hieroglyphs in pairs. Create a symbol for each letter of the alphabet and send each other some secret messages in your unique code. Remember to keep the messages friendly!!

Ancient Egypt Quiz

Use your i-pads to answer the following questions - answer the questions in your note book.

Why were the pyramids built?

What guards the Great Pyramid?

What was inside the Great Pyramid?

Who was the top god?

Why were cats important?

Who took care of the temples?

Which queen found a magical land?

Who was the boy king?

What did tomb robbers find?

How were the pyramids built?

Were the pyramids painted white?

How did the workers build so high?

How do you make a mummy?

What did the priests do?
What were mummies put in?

Did Egypt have an army?

Who were the sea people?

What did the Egyptians sell?

Was Egypt very rich?

What did the Egyptians buy?

Did food grow in the desert?

How did the Egyptians farm?

What did farmers grow?

Who had the best jobs?

Who was the head of the family?

What did children play with?

Who had the biggest houses?

How did the Egyptians cook?

Were houses built with bricks?

Who shaved their hair off?

Did Egyptians ever wear wigs?

What was the fashion?

Who were the workers?

How did Egyptians write?

Did people write on paper?

Who decorated the tombs?

Did the Egyptians study the stars?

End of work

Cycle 14 2013 Year 7 English

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