Cycle 2 Glp

…worked in a group to identify an issue in the community and create an action that could help to make change for that issue.
The group chose the issue of depression and created a music video with images that explored the idea of depression.
… participated in the collection and creation of the images, presentation of the video and presentation of their action overall.

Setting Goals
1.Can … be successful in the tasks you have given him?
State how or why … can achieve what you would like him to do for this cycle.

2.What is the purpose of your activity for … in respect to numeracy and literacy?
How will this activity help … in his learning?

3.What strands of relevant syllabus are being addressed?
This might be something like planning, brainstorming, exploring possibilities…

4.What specific knowledge, skills and attitudes are being addressed?
This task may require that …and his group imagine a finished project and map out the steps required to make it happen.

5.What characteristics of the program make it an intervention program?
What measures are taken to adapt to… learning needs and what technology is employed to help him?

6.In what ways are the students asked to respond to the program?
What exactly is … asked to do at this stage of the program?

7.What are the strengths and weaknesses of the program you have developed?
How is this good or bad for …
Will this mean that he is depending on others to give him information or waiting around for someone to have time to help him.
Will this empower him to feel like he is valued and contributing or will this process leave him feeling frustrated.

8.What are the goals of your program?
What does … need to have completed to know that he has met the goals given to him. How can he feel successful?

9.How can its success be measured?
State some measurable goals.
Eg. …will be successful when he maps out the four main stages to completing his project and the three minor goals it will take to complete each stage.
… can use pictures to draw his progression map.

10.What further support do you need?
As participation and developing a positive and productive identiy in the group
seems to be an ongoing issues
… needs to be encouraged to own his learning, behaviours and the consequences.
Time out program
1:1 discussions about what is constructive behaviour
Support from outside the classroom
Open dialogue with his mum
Conversations about how to include him
Clear expectations
Clear consequences

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