Cycle 6

Cycle 6 2014 Year 7 English

Week 16 - May 26 - 30 (T2W7)
Week 17 - Jun 2 - 6 (T2W8)
Week 18 - Jun 10-13 (T2W9)

Week 16 White Week


all students will participate in an interdisciplinary task during white week

Week 17 Yellow Week

Survey Monkey tell us how it is!!
English basics - up to page 48 to be corrected in class
Holes work will be handed in.
Students will start to work on creative writing - Andy Griffis
Students will start with the planning of a story.

My suggestion is - The Terrible Teacher
Look at some of the ideas I have come up with about what makes a truly terrible teacher -
Brainstorm the attributes of a terrible teacher

No reasons No rights No questions Unpredictable
All powerful aggressive Coercive Manipulative
Punishments Self protecting Attacking Accusing
Sarcastic Satisfaction Authority Humiliating

Below is a section of an untitled story about a terrible teacher that taught my mother when she was young (embellished of course)- this might help you to get started

After the recess break Ms Desiree Dutch returned from the ladies room to the class with her skirt neatly yet tragically tucked into the back of her underpants. Despite wearing long boots that came up to her knees there was little that could come to her salvation at the mercy of the resentful and delighted eyes of the humiliated class. The students’ eyes twinkled wildly with horror, disbelief and utter bemusement. Despite the private thoughts and dreams of traumatised students seeking revenge upon the wicked wretch of a teacher none had imagined such a delectable fate.
A wave of muffled gasps, gurgles and snuffled snorts were fearfully supressed by the class. ‘Shh shh shh’ scolded Ms Dutch like a bicycle pump as she arrogantly paraded around the room. ‘There is too much chatter for food preparation and it will not be tolerated’ she hissed. ‘The next person to demonstrate such a lack of self-discipline will be severely punished’ she threatened. She glared at Annabel and narrowed her eyes until her face was like a hunter’s peering through the barrel of a gun at its helpless prey.
Annabel bit her lip, hoping that Ms Dutch would continue facing her and she would not be confronted by Desiree’s wobbly white flesh protruding from her big white underpants. Annabel redirected her glaze to the carrot she was peeling. She wondered how the other students were coping under such extraneous circumstances but daren’t look. As she picked up a spud and started to peel off its skin a wave of pity for her teacher came over her. Under the tight red skin was the vulnerable white flesh that would soon be chopped, buttered and mashed. No doubt this potato would love to be back in the undisturbed, modest, warm soil with little more to worry about than the occasional nematode and dry spells between showers.
As Desiree returned to the front of the class and sat in the old cold wooden chair she must have realised that her skirt no longer covered the back of her legs and her face went a deadly shade of white followed by a burning shade of red…

Week 18 Green Week

English Basics

Introduction to creative writing
Creative writing Spelling test 5
Creative writing English Basics
Catch up lesson Revising the 7HRLS with issues related texts.

Role playing activity

2PeerPressureBagofTricks FINAL Edits 10-31-07MG.pdf

Correction day (Jun 7) English basics
Newspapers Jun 10 Queen’s B’day Reading comprehension

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