Cycle 7

Cycle 7 2014 Year 7 English

Week 19 - Jun 16 -20 (T2W10)
Week 20 - Jun 23 - 27 (T2W11)
This week in English students will have 3 activities to focus on
English Basics Book
Spelling Lists
Reading the Literature Circles Books

Semester 2 Term 3
Week 21 - Jul 14 - 18 (T3W1)

Literature Circles Outline

A sociogram is a graphic representation of social links that a person has.docx

Literacy Circles assessment rubrics.docx

Literature Circles Booklet 1 Kids Who Have Not Read the Book.doc

Literature Circles Booklet 2 Kids Who Have Read the Book.doc

literature circles year 7 student assessment grid.doc

literature circles year 7 teacher assessment grid.doc

English Basics
World News
Triads – presenting in groups of 3
Text type-
Newspaper article
World News
Research and practice
Using mind maps and visual organisers.
As in L2L handbook. World News presentations by groups
Evaluated by peers
Speaking Activity English Basics
Make sure all kids have their lit. circles books Learning Journals
Teacher review
Learning goals Introduction to literature circles for next term.
Outline student tasks Literature Circles Spelling test 1

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