Individual Goal Sheet


The purpose of this activity is for students to take time and make sure they know the key learning points in a unit of work, can connect with prior knowledge on the subject, are able to understand the key questions or problems the unit asks them to think about, where their strengths and areas of improvement are, how this information links into other subjects or life skills and how they can set achievable goals and work towards improving the quality of work they produce. Please complete an IGS for each of the cycles of work. Fill it in at the end of the first week of each cycle and hand it in to the teacher in the first week of the next cycle. Please keep this information in your journals. Your teachers will use this information to see how they can help you meet your goals and to provide you with regular feedback on your work and participation in class.

What do you see as the purpose in this unit of work?
What do you already know about this topic?
How is this topic relevant to you?
What do you see as the key learning points in this work?
What is easy for you?
What is challenging for you?
What skills are required to achieve the tasks set by the teacher?
What goals are you going to set for yourself in this unit of work?

What is your opinion about your expectations of this unit of work?
What have you learnt and what do you need to revise and what is too difficult for you at the moment?
Name one goal that you think is the most important for you at this point in your study.

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