Literature Circles Outline

Literacy Circles Group 2

– Students Who Have Finished Reading Their Book

During Literacy Circles you are expected to complete all of your tasks the booklet you will be given. Some tasks will be completed in your exercise book and others will be completed elsewhere. If you are falling behind on your work, you will be expected to attend Monday night English club to catch up.

At the beginning of each week, the teacher will give you an assessment sheet with the week number on it. Glue this into your exercise book so that you don’t lose it.

Always have this booklet and your exercise book with you – there are NO excuses for not having it.

Remember – if you get stuck, ask someone for help!

List of Books

Title/Author Level RRP
Trash [Andy Mulligan] Mainstream $18.00
First Light [Rebecca Stead] Advanced $17.00
No Safe Place [Deborah Ellis] Mainstream $16.00
Extreme Adventure: Anaconda Ambush [Justin D'Ath] Emerging $15.00
Fever Crumb [Phillip Reeve] Advanced $20.00
Lee Raven - Boy Thief [Zizou Corder] Mainstream $17.00
Skulduggery Pleasant #1 [Derek Landy] Mainstream $15.00
The Graveyard Book [Neil Gaiman] Mainstream $17.00
Then [Morris Gleitzman] Mainstream $20.00

Week 1:

Individual task Word Wizard

Find 20 words that are new, interesting or unusual to you. For each word:
1. Copy out the sentence containing the new word;
2. Explain the meaning of the word according to the dictionary;
3. Create a sentence of your own containing this word.

Group task Predicting

Look again carefully at the picture and blurb on the cover of your novel. Make a prediction about what sort of person the publisher was trying to get to read this book. What clues are there about what kind of story this is? What colours and artwork have been used? How is the blurb meant to make you interested in reading the story?

Discuss with your group, then write your own individual paragraph for your answer.

Week 2:

Individual task Artful Artist

Complete all of the following:
1. Draw a picture of a significant character in the story in a significant scene from the story.
2. Write one paragraph explaining the context of your drawing.

3. Complete a 4 frame comic cartoon strip to explain a different important or funny or interesting part of the story. Include dialogue bubbles.
4. Write a couple of sentences explaining the context of your drawing.

Group Task

In a group act out an important scene from the novel and record it with a flip camera. Time is between 2 and 3 mins long.

Week 3:

Individual Task Daring Director: Create an A3 poster displaying the following

Pretend that you are to make a film of your story.
1. Make up a cast list – actors, actresses and find pictures of all. Display on A3 paper and label clearly.
2. Location – where would you film this story: country? city? landscape? etc. Find pictures which represent your setting and label clearly.
3. Soundtrack – what theme songs, type of music or instrumental pieces would you put in the background? Find pictures to represent these things, and label clearly.

Group Task

On your own create a sociogram mapping the actions, feelings and relationships of the characters in the novel, using their protagonist as the centre. Arrange the characters in positions of influence, briefly describe each character then connect each character using arrows to indicate relationships, motivations, actions, feelings or attitudes. Briefly explain these relationships and then illustrate your sociogram.

Then – Find a classmate who has read a different book. Find common elements between the stories. You should be looking for character feelings, relationships, actions, motivations, attitudes and story themes. In a short paragraph, explain in your book what you found.

Week 4:

Individual Task

Newspaper front page: Create a newspaper front page detailing the main events of the novel. Include articles that explore the main conflicts and themes of the novel, as well as character descriptions. Use some illustrations. Carefully consider style and layout (it is supposed to look like a newspaper!)

Group task Issues Investigator

What issues or themes have you encountered that connect this story to the world outside? How does this story relate to real life? Consider events at school, in your neighbourhood, or events at different times or places. Maybe something is happening in the News now that is similar to your story, or perhaps you can consider how realistic the story or characters are.

Brainstorm and list you group’s ideas. In your Literature Circles book, choose 1-2 ideas and explain more fully the connections your group made.

Week 5:

Individual task Rewind & Rewrite

Rewrite the Ending from a different character’s point of view

Group task

In a group of two perform an interview between one of the characters in the novel and an interviewer. This will be recorded using flip cameras. Between 2 and 3 mins long.

Individual task Super Summarizer

1. Create a Journey Map of one character’s journey through the novel. This journey can be physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual. The map should show the character’s progression from one place/state of mind to another. Use images to represent each stage of the journey and summarise what is happening and why it is significant to the character’s evolution.

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