Meaningful Sentences

Meaningful Sentences

Anita Archer – Explicit Instruction – Vocabulary Strategy

When writing sentences to learn vocabulary, students must write a sentence in which the vocabulary word cannot be easily changed or substituted for a different word.

For example

Example of an unacceptable sentence

This is an elixir.

The word elixir could be substituted for any number of words such as car, headphones, bargain, torch …

This sentence does not explain what the word elixir is or how it should be used.
The sentence must answer 3 of the following questions:

• The herbalist mixed a blue elixir. (who)
• He boiled water and added some dried herbs. (what)
• When the dragon was feeling unwell. (when)
Put it together
When the dragon was feeling unwell the herbalist boiled water and added some dried herbs to make a blue elixir.

Example 2


When Ping crossing the bridge of clouds, she felt a wave of anxiety hit her because she didn’t know where the dragon was.

How many of the above ‘question words’ are answered by this question?

Practice in your partners with the next 3 words.

  1. Tunic
  2. Seer
  3. Shrill

Write your answer in your book. Check with your study partner and check their sentence too.

If you make a mistake cross it out and rewrite the sentence.

Now continue with the words from the book.

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