Class Management

Classroom Rights and Responsibilities

In this classroom the students and the teacher have the right to do as much work as possible.

- Students need to bring (encourage others to bring) all their equipment to class
- Students need to listen (encourage others to listen) when students are speaking
- Students need to be on time (encourage others to be on time)
- Students need to attempt (encourage others to attempt) all work

(disruption, disrespect, out of chair, late, no homework, interrupting)

The students and the teacher have the right to feel comfortable and safe in the classroom.

- Students need to pass (encourage others to pass) all objects hand to hand
- Students need to speak (encourage others to speak) to others politely
- Students need to keep (encourage others to keep) their hands to themselves
- Students need to listen to what others are saying and to allow others to listen

It is the responsibility of all students to ensure that everyone’s rights are respected.
If students don’t make the effort to respect the rights of others, the following will occur:

1. (When appropriate) the teacher will hint that someone is not doing the right thing.
2. The teacher will name the person who is not doing the right thing. The teacher will say;
(name) you are … and tell the student why the behaviour is a problem. (When you … there is a problem because …)Then the teacher will tell the student what the respectful behaviour is. (Please …)
3. If the behaviour continues the teacher will ask the student to move seats.
4. If the behaviour continues the teacher will invite the student to talk about the problem at recess, lunch time or after school. (Detention and a conversation)

The teacher will do this in a respectful manner to the student and the class guardian will be the umpire and record holder of the event.

As a student I will act responsibly in class by showing creativity, participating in class, helping others, sharing ideas, completing homework, listening well, taking care to do well presented work or encouraging others to be responsible.

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Parents are notified of class concerns if a student has more than 3 detentions in a term or if the matter requires intervention external to the classroom.

Responsibility Role Plays

What would you do? (Get into groups of 2 or 3 and practice responsible actions.)
• You are on your way to class and you notice your friend doesn’t have their equipment for class.
• You get to the classroom and the teacher hasn’t arrived yet.
• The teacher has asked everyone to come into the room and get ready to do some work. Your friends are chatting about what they did on the weekend.
• You are trying to do your work but someone is chatting nearby and making it difficult for you to concentrate.
• You are chatting and the teacher or a fellow student asks you to stop talking because it is disrupting their learning.
• You are being teased by someone in the class and it is making you feel uncomfortable.
• Your friend across the room wants to use your USB drive.
• You are feeling very worried about a personal matter and you are finding it difficult to concentrate in class.
• Your friend has sent you a message on your phone but you know you are not to use your phone in class.
• The person sitting next to you is having trouble with their work and asks you to help them.
• You don’t understand what the teacher wants you to do.
• Your friend is kicking you under the table.
• The teacher asks a question and you know the answer to the question but they choose a different person.
• The person next to you is playing games on their computer instead of working in class.
• Your friend suggests you take your books back to your locker between classes but it will make you late for class.
• A student speaks to you rudely in class.

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