Setting Up Your Book

Class Instructions for Book Work

  1. Please write your full name and class clearly on the front cover of your note book.
  2. Please write the name of your mentor teacher in the top left corner of the inside of the cover.
  3. Decorate the front page of your English book with something that tells me about you - words, pictures or poems… you decide.
  4. Leave the back of the first page blank.
  5. Open your book to the second full page and rule up your page with a red pen. Rule a line across the top of the book and a line down the side of the page. Your margin should be about 2cm wide.
  6. Write new headings in red pen.
  7. Write the date in the top right hand corner.
  8. Rule off after a section of work is complete.
  9. At the back of your book, on the last page make a section called New Words or Vocabulary.
  10. Rule up your page as you did before. Remember to rule off after each new word
  11. Record all new words or words you have trouble spelling in this section. Include the meaning of new words.
  12. Bring this book to every class.
  13. When you write your meaningful sentences for the vocabulary do this after the vocabulary word in this section of your book.

Meaningful Sentences
Look at the vocabulary learning strategy on the Meaningful Sentences link.
Make sure you understand what this is asking you to do.

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