Successful Strategies

Textease: turn text into speech
This programme can be found in IT dept. (see Sven). The worksheet was exactly the same as that given to all students except that it was simply copied from Word into Textease for written documents. … simply put in earphones and got to work. Each question is read out aloud once cursor is put in appropriate place. His responses are read back verbatim: if the spelling is incorrect, the it will read it incorrectly, too! This way, … self corrects until it sounds right. Advantage: … worked at appropriate level, he was motivated to complete written work on his laptop and he already knows the programme. Disadvantage: laptop needs to work(!), and some minor formating changes when copying to Textease which may, or not irrate some. There may be an upgraded version or even better programme available now.
Example of worksheet for class novel

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