Vels English

Progression Point 5.5

• discussion of how contemporary and classical literary texts explore ideas and issues relevant to their own lives
• understanding of how variations in language, form and context affect interpretations of texts
• explorations of how texts vary according to context and purpose; for example, contemporary newspaper stories, classical fables, narrative poems, lyrics of popular songs
• personal responses to key ideas and issues in literary texts in oral, dramatic, written and multimodal presentations
• identification of different perspectives and information used in texts presenting a range of points of view

• expression of thoughts, feelings, opinions and ideas in print and electronic forms
• use of writing to explore complex issues and to argue for a particular point of view
• integration of complex ideas and multiple perspectives in writing
• the written conventions, structures and features appropriate for a range of different text types
• proofreading and redrafting for accuracy, clarity, coherence and consistency of style

Speaking and Listening
• use of evidence to justify and support opinions
• critical analysis of the relationship between spoken texts, contexts, speakers and listeners
• selection of persuasive language and non-verbal techniques to influence specific audiences
• responsive listening to a range of spoken texts dealing with complex subject matter

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