Where Do I Start

This is a good place to start

There are a number of ideas, goals, methods and strategies that need to be combined to make a good modified program.

Teachers may find it helpful to print out some of these pages and spend a few moments looking over the different aspects of the task before commencement.


The jobs I need to do once

Understand the general disability - See Teacher Guides in this menu
Understand how the disability presents in the child - use observation, collective staff knowledge, written reports or available student profiles (these will be given to you by the Integration Coordinator)
Know what goals need to be set for my subject and what makes a good goal - VELS level and Setting Goals
Select strategies that are appropriate from the 'Strategies for Adapting' page in this menu.
Understand what you can do to increase the student's learning and skills
Make a decision about the degree of modification that needs to be implemented
Become familiar with he supporting materials
Work out a framework for your lessons - See Lesson Frameworks in this menu

The jobs I need to do for each lesson

Ensure that the content in your framework is changing at a suitable pace.
Document what you will do
Prepare any sheets or particular materials needed for the activity
Ensure that you check in with the student several times throughout the lesson to praise and encourage them
Check for understanding and suitability of task
Adjust as needed

I am responsible for

Documenting the ILP - Individual Learning Plan
Documenting the Goals
5 steps to writing an ILP
Documenting the Assessment Goals for the modified report
(The modified report can't be generated unless you record what assessment you will give the child to measure their progress)

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